Beach Olympics

Beach Olympics says sun, sand, seaside and fun. Picture colourful flags, sea creatures, sand castles and flippers. Your Beach Olympics event will have it all. Teams compete for points in various events including the mask and flipper race, volley ball, international rescue, shark attack and much more Beach Olympics is enjoyed by every participant whether you are an […]

Corporate Amazing Race

Have your very own Amazing Race style event where your team races around your city, resort or conference centre looking for clues, solving challenges and racing to the finish line. Enjoy the team building event out of the office and conference centre. Your Amazing Race style event comes complete with all the facilitation, challenges, resources […]

Corporate Super Chef

Imagine having to produce a dish that will WOW the Master Chef judges. If you love the pressure of working together in a team building event that involved cooking, innovation and working to a time limit then here’s the best team building event EVER!

Mission X Corporate Kidnap

At the start of your conference the room is stormed by masked bikers and a prized member of staff is kidnapped. Now the race against time is on to find this person before its too late.  A classic team building event unique, exciting and intriguing. Mission X brings all the excitement of an FBI style […]

Keynote Speaker

Corporate Super Teams will inspire, excite, motivate and energise your team, delegates and staff with one of our powerful keynote speakers. Keynote Speakers have an important role at any corporate event need to engage your whole audience no matter the demographic. Our keynote speakers will invigorate your team and keep your message in their minds […]

Corporate Board Breaking

  Full Team Impact is a team building event worth getting on to. If you want to harnesses your full potential by breaking out of your stifled and negative thought patterns then this is the one for you. Your Masters of the Mental Martial Arts guide your team through a path of discovering their inner […]

Dynamic Trivia

Get ready for a Corporate Trivia night to remember. Q. What do Michael Jackson, Madonna, Britney Spears and Powder finger all have in common? A.They all play a part in your very own Music Trivia night. This fun corporate trivia night brings all the best from rock, pop and even the classics. We roll it […]

Directors Cut

Lights Camera Action. Directors Cut Movie Making experience is where you and your team are the stars of the show. Tell your story, create your filam and then sit back for your very own Oscars Movie night.

Corporate Olympics

The Olympic year is always close but the spirit of the Olympics lives on in each of us. Corporate Team Olympics is a series of unique games that are designed with teamwork as a basis. With Corporate Team Olympics you need not be a super athlete to experience this fun and challenging team building event. The […]

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How to pick the Best Team Building Activities and Events

Its probably especially important for you to find the right team building activities and events for your team. Hence finding the best type of team building activity will mean the difference between your team being fired up about your event or wondering what just happened. When you think about the best team building event you really need to know your team and what they might like. Rather than just leaving the success of your event to chance why not consider some of the guideline here.
Think about your mission
Your team mission is the most important focus when selecting  team building activities and events for your team. Therefore think about selecting an activity that helps with your corporate mission. Because if your mission is be to improve the well being of people, create a supportive environment or to promote innovation you need to focus on that. Whatever your mission its best to keep that in mind when selecting one of our team building events.
Location of your team building activities and events
Where you decide to run your team building activities and events will make a huge difference to the fun and result of your event.  Therefore you are best to consider a team building event that is close to your work, conference centre or at least close to transportation.