Corporate Amazing Race

Corporate Amazing Race

Corporate Amazing Race – Is fun

The greatest part about the Corporate Amazing Race is that you’re going to have heaps of fun! Everyone knows about the Amazing Race. We’ve just taken the best elements for the Amazing Race for you to enjoy. Your team will experience the fun elements of racing against the other teams, seeing the lead change and celebrating at the end. And the whole way around your Corporate Amazing Race you’ll see happy smiling faces.

Corporate Amazing Race – Is team building

Your Corporate Amazing Race is designed with team building in mind. Each one of the challenges, riddles and tasks are there for your team to work together. And what’s brilliant is the variety of challenges to focus on. Each task creates an opportunity for a different element of team work. One challenge may focus on communication whilst another may be working on problem solving. So your team takes away more than just great memories.

Corporate Amazing Race – Is everywhere!

You can have your very own Corporate Amazing Race style event anywhere. You team can race with us around your city, resort or conference centre. Want to have your Corporate Amazing Race in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth? That’s good for us. How about Adelaide, Hobart, Gold Coast or New Castle? Absolutely. We come to you and make it easy for you to have fun anywhere.


Imagine looking for clues, solving challenges and racing to the finish line. Enjoy this team building event out of the office or around your conference centre. You will find the best parts of your Corporate Amazing Race will be the team bonding and sense of competition. Your team will be racing against the clock. But make the right choice quickly or you may be overtaken. The lead may change many times. You will know if you have made the right choice at each check point if you make it home first!

Your Amazing Race style event comes complete with all the facilitation, challenges, resources and fun. Ideal for a team building event that is for groups of 6 to 200 plus in your own city or anywhere you want to do your Corporate Amazing Race. For more details on booking this event go to the Enquiry Booking page.

Corporate Amazing Race Rocks!

Thanks Corporate Super Teams for the best event ever. The Corporate Amazing Race Rocks. We had such a great time! Lisa, Logicalis, Melbourne.