Corporate Board Breaking

Corporate Board Breaking – Is Impactful

So you’re looking to make an impact with a Corporate Board Breaking event? And you’re wondering if it will be a good fit. Well if your fears are getting in the way of making a decision then you need this too. Corporate Board Breaking makes an impact on everyone in the room. If you have been hiding behind your fears then this is exactly what you need.

Corporate Board Breaking – Is about facing fears

Fearing to fail is fearing to live your life. Fears create a mental ceiling for each on of us. Corporate Board Breaking helps each one of us discovers what we truely fear in life. The event is confronting, yes. But by identifying your fears you at least have a chance to face your demon. Once you know your fear you can then make movements towards overcoming it.

Corporate Board Breaking – break through the fear

Now the fun begins. You will experience some of the greatest transformation you have ever felt in your life. Any goal worth achieve requires time and effort to get stronger. You will see your team get stringer in the mind and body right before you eyes. Breaking through fear is more about mental preparation than it is about having strength.  Our clients have loved this part the most just as you will too.

You will be taken through Karate Kid style movements and mental mantras. Each step of movement and mental focus continues to build your mental strength. That mental strength is what you will use to break through your fear and finally the board.

Corporate Board Breaking – Full Team Impact is a team building event worth getting on to. If you want to harnesses your full potential by breaking out of your stifled and negative thought patterns then this is the one for you. Your Masters of the Mental Martial Arts guide your team through a path of discovering their inner strength in ancient martial arts exercises. The intensity builds when the participants are presented with the seemingly impossible task of breaking a real wooden board. Only by focusing on this task from with in and committing to succeed will they break through their board! And let me tell you, you will be wishing you booked this earlier. Suitable for teams of 6 to 400. If you want to hear more about Full Team Impact, Corporate Board Breaking or how we can help you with your next team building event booking then fill in the  Enquiry Booking page.

Team Building Board Breaking will be the most liberating and energising event your team does all year.