Corporate Minute to Win it

Corporate Minute to Win it – Is fun

If you are looking for the best value fun team building event around, this is it. Imaging keeping balloons up in the air or stacking lipsticks using only chopsticks. Laughing until your stomach hurts or seeing your team member laughing harder than you. Team building should always be this much fun. Every time we run Corporate Minute to Win it our clients LOVE IT!.

Corporate Minute to Win it – Is team building

One of the key elements required to make a team building activity memorable is emotion. You only remember the good stuff and the really terrible stuff. And let’s face it, who wants the terrible stuff, you only want this type of good stuff. This event is fun, energising, challenging. These are the key elements to making your team building event memorable.

Corporate Minute to win it is progressive. Starting with easy challenges, each stage gets slightly harder. You will see your team get more and more engaged with this event. It’s really quite brilliant to see when you’re participating in it. In the end the teams are cheering, hi fiving and sometimes even dancing. That’s what happy emotive team do.

Corporate Minute to win it – is energising

Most clients who book this event want their team to have their energy levels lifted. This event is often used as a conference opener, conference energiser and to celebrate. Our clients love Corporate Minute to Win It.

Teams have one minute to complete a challenge in order to receive much need points. As a result you’ll never know what amazing skills you’ll discover with your team. You’ll love Corporate Minute to win it because it’s light hearted, inclusive and your team will remember it forever. There is not much time to adopt a strategy so you just get on the floor and do it. Consequently you’ll have fun from start to finish.

If you are looking for an indoor team building event Corporate Minute to Win It is ideally suited. best played indoors but is ideally suited to outdoors if required. Suitable for teams of 6 to 400 plus.

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What a great time. The activities you ran were ideal for our team. Especially since there were varying ages and abilities. It was also great to see everyone mingling too. The night was a complete success and would recommend you for future events.” Jenny, HJ Heinz Co, Brisbane, QLD.

Corporate Minute to Win it