Corporate Olympics

Corporate Olympics – the winner is …You!

Imagine hosting your very own Corporate Olympics. Well you can! We all know that the Olympic year is always close. Either the Olympics has just been or is almost here. And the spirit of the Olympics is just a short memory away. That’s why hosting you very own Corporate Olympics is a great plan.

Corporate Olympics – Includes everyone.

When you think about your Corporate Olympics what springs to mind? Some of your team love it and the others don’t? Not with this Corporate Olympics. We have Olympics events that make the whole team feel like they’re part of the action. You’ll love the best parts of the Olympics and you’re teal will love it too.

Corporate Team Olympics is a series of unique games that are designed with teamwork as a basis. With Corporate Team Olympics you need not be a super athlete to experience this fun and challenging team building event. The events are either modified or selected to ensure maximum participation and enjoyment by all.

We have designed team games in which everyone plays all at once as opposed to events in which individuals take turns. The games can be a mix of athletic and non-athletic competitions – some more physical than others. And we provide a good mix that has something for everyone. Ideal for groups from 10 to 200 plus. For bookings or for more information go to the Enquiry Bookings page. 

“An Corporate Olympics to remember. This event had it all. 4 x 100, Opening Ceremony and a world class soccer final that of course went down to a penalty shoot out. Thanks a mill for your efforts.” Sharni, Victoria University, VIC

Corporate Olympics
Corporate Olympics for your next conference or team building event.