Corporate Survivor

Corporate Survivor is loosely based upon the popular TV series, Survivor.  The objective of the game is to keep your team together, not eliminate each other. As a result your team will feel bonded, energised and wrapped you booked  Corporate Survivor.

Your  group will be given unique opportunities to participate in problem solving tasks and fun team challenges. The whole while  the group is trying to “survive” and overcome adversity together. Teams rotate through “immunity challenges” which provide  advantages or disadvantages in the future.

Once all teams have tried and tested their abilities for each challenge, teams are pitted against each other in the final survival challenge where they race off against each other.

You will find your teams experiencing team survival which incorporate features of any outdoor or indoor setting.  Therefore a strong emphasis is placed on skills that require communication, cooperation and teamwork. For each activity, a team is asked to select a different “captain” giving many people on the team a chance to communicate and lead the team.

The challenges for this event are updated consistently to create a fun and dynamic team event. Ideally suited for teams in size from 10 to 200 plus. To book this event or to enquire about this event go to the Enquiry Bookings page.

“A great challenge for the whole team. Corporate Survivor really tested there communication skills, team strategies and their ability to think laterally. Well done Super Teams” Sharon, Ericsson Australia.

Corporate Survivor, Outwit, Out Play, Stay together